Sophie Hutchinson

Sophie leads both our Thursday night sessions at East Barnet School and our Wednesday morning sessions at St Stephen's Church, Enfield.  

In addition to this, Sophie is the Co-Director of Vocally Sound Music Ltd and she loves absolutely anything to do with singing!  Her favourite element of working with choirs is bringing all the different parts/harmonies together and creating one beautiful sound.  

"With over 20 years of experience singing with Gospel and Choral choirs, and over 10 years of working with choirs, I  am really looking forward to starting this new group, and to meeting lots of new members.  I can't wait to help The Big Choir raise more money for the Francis Crick Institute through CRUK"

Angela Moikeenah

I am excited to be joining the team this new year; having watched the Big Choir perform with excitement and enthusiasm for what they’re doing; it felt like an experience that I wanted to share in.

Singing and being given amazing opportunities to join groups and choirs that I highly respected from a very early age I decided In 2005 to start a music agency called Vocally Sound with a focus on training up young singers and musicians and providing them with opportunities to work and perform. I’m proud to see many of them now with successful music careers going from strength to strength.

More recently I took a music sabbatical and focused on developing my skills as a Holistic Therapist. Treating clients with anxiety, depression, general ill health and sometimes cancer. I am now focused on continuing to develop my music and holistic therapy alongside each other.  
Joining The Big Choir is a step towards doing that; teaching and performing music with a focus on helping to heal.