Sophie Hutchinson

Sophie leads our Thursday night sessions at East Barnet School.  

In addition to this, Sophie is the Co-Director of Vocally Sound Music Ltd and she loves absolutely anything to do with singing!  Her favourite element of working with choirs is bringing all the different parts/harmonies together and creating one beautiful sound.  

"With over 20 years of experience singing with Gospel and Choral choirs, and over 10 years of working with choirs, I  am really looking forward to starting this new group, and to meeting lots of new members.  I can't wait to help The Big Choir raise more money for the Francis Crick Institute through CRUK"

Sandra McCalla

Sandra is the musical director for our St Albans group.  She has a passion for a wide genre of music. She is musically influenced by great singers such as Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, and Fantasia Burrino to name a few, although her style of delivery is very individual.

Sandra brings a wealth of experience in stage performances (including theatre), gospel choirs, community choirs, recording studios and function bands. One of her highlights include directing the choir who accompanied Mary Wilson (The Supremes) at the 2008 MOBO Awards.

Having directed choirs since the age of 12, Sandra is particularly passionate about community choirs as it brings a sense of togetherness with people from different backgrounds. She enjoys seeing choir members grow in confidence, enjoying a sense of achievement.