Ash Davies

I feel incredibly privileged to work as part of the directing team of The Big Choir.  To raise money through music for a charity which is very close to my own heart is an honour I hold in the highest regard.  

My experience of choir singing stems back from my teenage years, in a music specialist school.  Whilst there I trained formally under the late, and eternally great John Skinner MBE, during which time I was an active participant of the senior choir and vocal consort.  I also started a barbershop quartet, whom I still perform with today.

Back in 2012 I was a member of Youth Music Voices.  A choir which was formed to celebrate the London Olympics.  During this time I mentored my fellow singers and my love for group singing intensified.  

I'm very excited to be working with The Big Choir and have high hopes for a brigh future ahead.

Sophie Hutchinson

Sophie has just come on board as our newest choir leader and we're so happy to introduce you all to her.  Sophie leads our daytime choir session  St Stephen's Church, Enfield.  

In addition to this new role, Sophie is the Co-Director of Vocally Sound Music Ltd and she loves absolutely anything to do with singing!  Her favourite element of working with choirs is bringing all the different parts/harmonies together and creating one beautiful sound.  

"With over 20 years of experience singing with Gospel and Choral choirs, and over 10 years of working with choirs, I  am really looking forward to starting this new group, and to meeting lots of new members.  I can't wait to help The Big Choir raise more money for the Francis Crick Institute through CRUK"