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  •  Fri, 8 Sep 2017

    It's been a long break over the summer holidays and we are so happy to be back, singing together and raising money for Cancer Research.  We were back at East Barnet school last night, and although we still have several members away we had a very positive start to the new term.  It's so nice to have that feeling of excitement walking through the school gates.  That's not quite how we remember feeling when we first went back to school after the school hols!  This is much, much better ;-)  

    Our Winchmore Hill choir launched on Wednesday and what a great turnout we had.  We have a good feeling about this new group and think it's going to be a great success.  It's strange how everyone that approached us to ask for a free taster session made a point of saying that they weren't terribly good singers, which is why we were a little confused when we heard them all sing together, pretty amazing after just one session.  

    It just proves that singing in a group brings out the best in everyone.  It's such an uplifting experience, even for those who 'can't sing'....

    We will update you all with performace information and dates as soon as they've been confirmed.  In the meantime, if you'd like to join us for a free taster, please get in touch.  We'd love to hear from you.

  •  Mon, 7 Aug 2017

    We have had the most fantastic start to 2017 with a number of really great performances, we've loved each and every one of them and can't wait to get started on our new material.

    We started the performance season with our Big Choir Summer Performance on 22nd June, this time in our new home at East Barnet School, and what a beautiful venue!  Sean was a star from start to finish, helping us with our sound, staging and even our dance moves!  A man of many talents.  We had over 200 people in the audience and raised a lovely sum of money to add to the growing pot for our next donation to Cancer Research UK.  

    To thank him for his support we returned the favour by entertaining pupils and parents at the East Barnet School annual summer bbq.  It was our first outdoor performance and we loved it!  It was a great rehearsal for the big performances at East Barnet Festival, and also the N21 Festival both of which were a huge success.  We were also incredibly lucky with the weather during all our performances, somebody up there was definitely looking out for us.

    We are now taking a well earned rest, but have to admit we're missing our sessions just a little!  What we will we do with our Thursday nights now!  

    We'll be back soon though if you are thinking of joining us.  We'd love to see you at one of our rehearsals for a free taster...

  •  Mon, 7 Aug 2017

    We are very excited to announce a new Big Choir evening session in Winchmore Hill.

    The first session is on Wednesday 6th September and every Wednesday thereafter.  Sessions run from 7.30pm.  Please see below for full details:

    St Paul's Church
    Church Hill
    Winchmore Hill
    London N21 1JA

    From 7.30pm till 9.00pm

    On site parking available

    We are offering a free taster session to anyone who'd like to come along.  Please pre-book your place by emailing

  •  Wed, 2 Aug 2017
    We do have a couple of things on over August.  We have two workshops:

    10th August    :    THE ART OF IMPROVISATION (it's amazing the impact a bit of improv can have on a song!)
    24th August    :    LEARNING YOUR LYRICS (we'll be trying out various methods - useful for many people, not just members)

    Get in touch if you'd like to join us.  Sessions are at East Barnet School and will run from 7.30pm till 9.30pm at £10 per person.  Places should be booked and paid for in advance please.

    Tel: 07971 957188 (Sharon)
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